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Last student of Academic Summer 2015

Last student of Academic Summer 2015

On 29th August we stood at the airport and waved goodbye to the last student of Academic Summer 2015. It was an emotional moment. We all – students and staff alike - were just overflowing with the new experiences, knowledge, information and friendships we have just gained at the weeks of Academic Summer 2015.

It was a great ride we have been through. Lessons tought by specialist teachers, experts in their fields, who are truly interested in passing on their knowledge in an engaging and fun way. Maths using games, Science using experiments, Desing & Technology using specialist equipment, Art using all sorts of stuff :) etc....CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is the alpha and omega of Academic Summer learning.

Students have taken part in many activities. Some of them challenging and new to them, All of our students had to cross their borders many times and step out of their comfort zone. Supported by experienced staff and their newly gained friends, they have done so knowing, they are bringing out their Personal Best. Also the trips mustn´t be forgotten, some of them fun (Thorpe Park) some of them educational...and fun (Bournemouth, Chester Zoo, London, etc.). We are proud of what we have achieved together, we had great time, thank you goes to all involved.

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We will be based in one of the worlds most interesting places - at DLD College in the heart of London and in one of the worlds most welcoming places - at Sidcot School near Bristol :).