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Key speakers head to Academic Summer

Key speakers head to Academic Summer

A host of invigorating and motivating speakers have been booked for Academic Summer during July and August including the eminent David Crystal – writer of the renowned ‘The Encyclopaedia of Language.’ 

Academic Summer is a summer school for 13-18 year olds being hosted at the well-equipped DLD College near the London Eye in Westminster or at Sidcot school near Bristol. Students enrolling onto Academic Summer will be studying individualised timetables in their chosen subjects and in the evenings will listen to lectures and workshops organised by the speakers.

Speakers will speak on a host of topics including business, media, languages, production and politics, social media, publishing and education and training, amongst others. Students will be able to ask questions and interact in activities designed by the speakers.

Other speakers include Mohammed Nadeem, who runs Bury Park – the Asian ‘curry mile’ in Luton – who self-styles as ‘Bedfordshire’s answer to Alan Sugar’, Elizabeth Thomsen – a Danish filmmaker and creative agency owner who made an award-winning film ‘The Umbrella’ and Jacqueline Kassteen – who has vast marketing experience in international education.  

For more details visit: http://www.academicsummer.co.uk/en/academic-summer/well-known-speakers