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New: Academic Sports

New: Academic Sports Are you looking for a summer of making friends, trying a variety of sport and learning about how your body work during exercise? If so, Academic sport is the perfect summer course for you! 

What will I be doing?
The Academic sports course will be made up of a series of lessons each morning followed a variety of different sporting activates each afternoon and excursion on the weekend. Evenings will also include fun activities with nutritional cooking lessons and talks from athletes and sport science professionals.

What will I learn?
essons will be taught covering 3 main topics; Sport nutrition, Physiology and Anatomy. The aim of these lessons is to give students an insight into how the body changes during exercise and different ways the body is fueled to gain energy. Students will also learn about the different muscles of the body and how they all work during exercise. Aside from the academic lessons, students will also learn about the rules of several individual and team sports. Each student will also do an individual project to research a sport science area of their interest to improve their independent studying skills.

What different sports will I be doing?
Each afternoon will consist of a different sporting activity. Some of these include; Football, Tennis, Swimming, mountain biking and Athletics. There will also be a trip to a local dry ski slope for an afternoon of skiing. The course will also commence and end with a fun fitness test with a variety of different activities to allow students to see their progression over the two weeks. There will be optional activities throughout the course for student to take part in to help them improve their fitness levels if they wish to.

Do we go on any trips?
Each week there will be one afternoon trip and one weekend trip. These will be joint with the rest of the academic summer program to all students to integrate and make new friends while having fun visiting new places. Some of these will involve going to Oxford city, Cardiff city, Air Hop Trampoline center, shopping centers and Cheddar Gorge.

Where can I find more information?
More information are available on our website here

Tabitha Rogers, Academic Sports Leader