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Why did Academic Summer build a cart?

Why did Academic Summer build a cart?

This weekend Academic Summer’s pastoral staff from all of our three centres: London, Cambridge and Bristol went through a two-day course with Outposts. Outposts are specialists in educational outdoor activity programmes. The programme was split into two parts. Leadership and teambuilding training lead by Outposts and presentations and workshops lead by senior management from Academic Summer.
The presentations and workshops focused on key issues pastoral staff need to have in mind for their role in the summer. The programme included the following topics:

  • - safeguarding (child protection),
  • - risk assesments,
  • - airport transfers,
  • - boarding,
  • - routines and rules,
  • - activities and trips
  • - managing and looking after students.

The leadership and teambuilding training allowed all of us to feel a little bit like our students in the summer...keen but also a bit worried about trying new things. At the end we all enjoyed the activities prepared by Outposts:

  • - radio transmitting,
  • - building a cart that needed to deliver a precious object from a distance,
  • - brain teasers,
  • - mine fields,
  • - crossing a wild river.

 As well as the final task of building a trebuchet in order to fire waterbombs to be caught by a brave and eventually wet volunteer who fastly and furiously moved the water to another group of colleagues that just finished building a small ‚cable car‘ for the water over a deep canyon. If you think that it was all, you are mistaken. This water that travelled above the canyon had to go through a long pipeline (that we had to build) in order to end up in a bucket and help us to estimate a weight of a special Outpost brick.

Whilst focusing an the above and more tasks we practised our team work, communication skills, time keeping, risk assesment as well as stretching our minds, memory and thinking out of the box. The cherry on the cake was spending a night camping in tents...in the nature.

During the weekend, we have all learned and practised the most important issues linked with leading young people in the current world, working together as a team as well as learning about ourselves and our personalities. We look forward to getting together again..this time to welcome our students to Academic Summer. We want to give them an enjoyable summer together so we can all achieve our Personal Best.