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Prepare for a successful year at school

Prepare for a successful year at school

Academic Summer Plus starts with a leadership day thatcorporate companies take their managers on and will help you discover how to be a good leader. You will be able to develop useful life skills such as First Aid, life saving skills, finance literacy and Internet safety. We also do a workshop on careers, which will help you find out how to prepare for university and your future study and what you need to consider now to get to your university of choice. As well as all this you will participate in boarding and life skills workshops on subjects such as cultural awareness, politeness, making an impression with appearance, health living and getting the most our of your school career.

During the mornings you will have the following lessons: Literacy, Numeracy and Current Affairs and this will help you improve your English and study skills in preparation for your future studies. We will help you to become an independent and confident learner in English. Find more information and our brochure here.