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About us

Academic Summer is based at DLD College in London, Abbey College in Cambridge and Sidcot School near Bristol.

DLD College London 

Sidcot School near Bristol

Your summer, your choice

We take pride in our approach to learning at Academic Summer.

Here are five good reasons why you should study with us:

1. We keep it personal
Find a programme just for you at Academic Summer. You choose the subjects you want to study and we will write a personalised syllabus to meet your needs, in daytime or residential courses.

Our team of dedicated leaders are here to support, encourage and challenge you, our students. Our class sizes never go above 15 students and each pupil gets the focused attention they need to achieve their goals.

2. We use a unique CLIL approach
Our CLIL (Content, Language and Integrated Learning) approach sets us apart from other summer schools.

It’s a unique way of learning that draws together UK and international students, and offers both groups unparalleled opportunities for development.

International students get to hone their language skills in a host of exciting subjects, from art to history and psychology.

By studying in tandem with non-native speakers, UK students can re-visit their grasp of English grammar. This key skill is often overlooked in our digital age of text speak and emojis. Learning it anew will give them the edge when it comes to crafting long essays and dissertations required at university level.

Both sets of students also get to make friends and hone their communication skills in a competitive, multinational world where global connections are key.

Here’s our director Helen Lami explaining the CLIL approach and introducing other features of Academic Summer:


3. Our locations are the best

Whether you want to study with us for day lessons or on a residential course, we offer tuition in prime city locations across the UK.

Watch a short film below showing Academic Summers at DLD College in London and Sidcot School near Bristol. Don’t forget, we also run courses from the brilliant Abbey College Cambridge.

4. We have a lesson for everyone

At Academic Summer, we offer preparation and revision for GCSE, A-Level, IB, Oxbridge and medical studies, along with English language training for  IELTS exam.

But it’s not just about teenagers; we have something for everyone. Our Academic Junior courses accommodate students aged 7-12 years old, for an action-packed agenda of learning, sports and fun leisure activities – all in a caring, encouraging environment.

5. Our students love us

Our glowing testimonials show just how much our pupils get out of their experiences with Academic Summer.

Students here are quick to embrace our multifaceted approach to learning.

They delight in our dynamic lessons, fun leisure activities and the rare opportunity our courses offer to make friends from all over the world.

“Come here, you will find so many new friends from different countries and it will be the best summer of your life! Teachers here are amazing, so helpful and friendly and learning is really interesting and interactive. says 16-year-old Emily from Estonia, who studied with us at Academic Summer London

“I really enjoyed studying in Cambridge, for I am planning maybe to study here. As I want to study IB abroad my aim was to study subjects, I do not have back at school. I managed to see what I am better at and what is more interesting for me" says Julia, 16, from Brazil

Hear more from our students in the video, below.


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Get a flavour of what to expect when you study with us by watching our slideshow, below.