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Changing Terms & Conditions

March 23, 2020 by Helen Lami

We understand this is a difficult time for the world with the spread of the Coronvirus (COVID-19). We wanted to help families to continue to make decisions for the summer and make it easier to make a risk free booking. We know airlines are offering people the chance to book and then be able to cancel or change their bookings. We see the situation in Asia has improved now and the epi-centre is now Europe so we do hope that things will improve after a couple months. 
We will offer the following for bookings made between Monday 16th March 2020 and Thursday 30th April 2020. At the end of April we will review the situation again to see if this needs to be extended.
- Book now and pay nothing until one month before your course. 
- Pay full fees one month before your course. You will save bank charges by making one payment nearer to the course. 
- No initial payment will be due on booking giving you a chance to change your mind. 
- Once you have paid your fees our normal terms and conditions apply. 
- For visa students we can issue a visa letter stating that full fees are due one month before your course. If your agent decides to take a refundable deposit from you so they can help you with your booking then we can indicate this in your visa support letter as well. 

Please be assured that our host schools all support us with this decision and we will still be running Academic Summer courses in the summer of 2020. We have a great team of staff and all leisure programme activities have been book. 
Our fees include insurance  and if any students were unfortunate enough to contract coronavirus like any other illness, they would be covered by our insurance policy so they would be able to claim if they had to cancel their travel plans. This would include the fees and costs related to the trip like flights.  If students were to get ill while in the UK they are covered and would be able to use our hospitals and would be well taken care of by Academic Summer.  
The only exclusion with our insurance policy is that if the government (ours or yours) ban travel.  In the event there is a travel ban in force and your students are unable to travel to participate in their course with Academic Summer then we can offer to transfer their booking and any money already paid to the summer of 2021. We will hold the rates for 2020 and there will be no fee increase
We look forward to welcoming you to an Academic Summer in the UK, Switzerland or Canada.
We continue to follow the UK Government’s advice regarding the Coronvirus: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response 
We also offer the following which maybe of interest:
Best Tutor Online: We can offer one to one lessons online in all subjects for UK and international students. We have an excellent team of teachers ready. We have been running this for over two years now through word-of-mouth and we have excellent feedback from our clients. We are working to get our website ready to give you full information especially as this could be of interest during this difficult period. 
Please contact me or my team with any questions.
Helen Lami
Managing Director