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Academic Summer works with some of the UK’s leading boarding schools to offer cutting-edge facilities in the very heart of London, historic Cambridge and beautiful countryside near Bristol.

These schools are world-class and typically offer:

  • * State-of-the-art academic facilities, including hi-tech science labs and classrooms with interactive white boards
  • * Excellent sports amenities, such as swimming pools, basketball courts and horse riding lessons
  • * High-octane art centres, with music technology suites, performance halls and photography/digital media studios
  • * Sophisticated dining options covering a wide variety of fresh and nourishing dishes 
  • * On-site coffee bars
  • * Modern boarding facilities featuring en-suite options, recreation areas, kitchen and laundry facilities
  • * An on-call nurse supported by trained First Aiders

The schools used by Academic Summer also offer a taster opportunity for students who may consider studying there in the future.

In summer 2021, Academic Summer will be located at three fantastic locations:

Academic Summer at DLD College in London

Find more details about our fantastic London location here.

Academic Summer at Abbey College Cambridge

Find more details about our fantastic Cambridge location here.

Academic Summer at Sidcot School near Bristol

Find more details about our fantastic location near Bristol here.