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Academic Summer shares the learning and teaching philosophy of the International Baccalaureate. We believe that the principles of the IB Diploma are and increasingly will be of great relevance to education in the 21st Century.

Like the IB, the Academic Summer programme seeks to encourage each learner to achieve his or her personal best in the full range of academic subjects and in the cognitive and linguistic skills which are essential to their successful study at the highest level possible.

PB - the philosophy of Personal Best - extends to all aspects of the experience at Academic Summer. Achievements in social and personal development, contribution to the community, cultural awareness and physical education are all highly valued.

We see each person as an individual with potential to develop and to help others develop. PB is the practical realisation of this vision and we aim to help everyone set targets to achieve in a wide range of spheres of action. You will keep a diary to record your own efforts and successes in the pursuit of your PB.

The PB philosophy is shared by the academic and pastoral staff of Academic Summer and we as a team will work to help you as an individual achieve your Personal Best.

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