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To prepare you for university you will be taught to a high academic level by experts in their fields through interactive, interesting lessons.    Students from top universities will support you, be involved in teaching and will be good role models for you. They can give you good advice about university life.
We help you to develop your notetaking, critical thinking, research, presentation, essay writing and English language skills.  You will learn how to manage your time, prepare for exams and complete your assessments on time. These are all important skills for university.
You can choose to study one of the following pathways:
Liberal Arts – this academic option focuses on the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social studies.
Biological Sciences – the study of living things and includes topics such as cell biology and ecology.
Physical Sciences – this option includes mathematics, chemistry and physics.
Business  – this pathway includes economics, finance, management and law. 

Typical day
07.30   Breakfast
08.45   Pathway session 1
10.00   Pathway session 2
11.15   Coffee break
11.30   Pathway session 3
12.45   Lunch
14.00   Skills session
15.00   Independent study / time with mentor
16.30   Free time / prep for dinner
19.00   Dinner
20.00   Activity and social time


Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

CLIL has been adopted at universities, colleges and schools in many countries and is the perfect learning and teaching approach for today´s world and its global society, economy and culture. Our Academic Adults course will not only give you a new and exciting approach to learn English, it will give you an insight into how your children and grandchildren will learn in tomorrow´s world.


Recommended minimum English level: C1