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Academic Juniors (age 7-12)

Dear Parents,

At Academic Juniors we aim to help all students to achieve their personal best, in every subject. We see every student as an individual and encourage them not to compare themselves to other people but to focus on what they can do, what they want to be able to do and how we can get there. 

We offer our full junior course, day or boarding, at Sidcot School, near Bristol locations.

We offer a day programme for students aged 7-12 in the heart of London where students will enjoy morning classes, followed by daily trips into London to enjoy the many attractions the city has to offer. 

At Academic Juniors lessons are cross curricular. This means that students in a history lesson may also be developing their skills in dramadesign technology and geography. What is really great about this approach is that it allows students to put their learning into practice and to use their strengths in one area to support themselves- and others- in an area they are less confident in.

One of the special things about our junior programme at Sidcot School, near Bristol is the integration with local UK students. Sidcot run a holiday club called Shipmates for local UK families. Academic Juniors share many joint activities with Shipmates including lessons, sports and leisure activities. The gives Academic Juniors a unique experience to communicate and social with native speakers of English.

Just as we all have our strengths we all have our own style of learning and what appeals to one person doesn't to another. For this reason lessons are taught with the different styles of learning in mind. Simply put the main learning styles are learning through hearing, learning through seeing and learning through doing and we aim to give students opportunity to learn through each of these styles wherever possible. We know that this will help students to get the most out of their education over the summer.

It is our sincere wish that every student enjoys the academic programme at Academic Juniors and finds a love for education that will stay with them long after they have left.
Leaders aim to support, encourage and celebrate. Teachers will use Leadership pod times to talk about how they are finding life at the school and to support their students through any problems that they may have. Whether this means finding a phone for a child who wants to phone home or a buddy for a shy student we are there to support them. The Junior Director and other senior pastoral staff live on campus which means that their support doesn't stop at the end of the day - there is always someone available for a chat.

Leadership pod time will be a chance to encourage students to set targets to achieve their personal best. Through praise and encouragement we will help our Leadersip pods to see how far they have come and how much they can do if they continue to work hard. This has proven to help our students to achieve success in all areas of academic and social life.
At Academic Juniors celebration is important to us. We celebrate our students’ successes, helping them to be proud of what they have achieved.

We look forward to welcoming your child to Academic Juniors this summer.

Ellie Jones
Director of Studies

Academic Summer's 2021 brochure can be download here by clicking on the brochure thumbnail:

Academic Summer brochure 2020  

Cambridge is famous worldwide as a home of academia and innovation and makes an excellent location for our junior students who wish to learn in an inspiring location. The proximity to London makes it an excellent choice for parents who want their child to have regular access to the capital city whilst also being able to enjoy the full boarding programme.