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UK Integration

Academic Juniors students at our Sidcot site are fortunate to enjoy a close relationship with children from Shipmates.

is a Holiday Club based at Sidcot School for local UK children aged 5-12 during the summer.

Academic Juniors take part in daily activities with our friends at Shipmates including lessons, shared leisure activities such as:
  • archery,
  • fun interactive quizzes,
  • fencing,
  • sports,
  • swimming and
  • playtime.
This is a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice speaking English with native speakers, as well as making friends with children from the UK. Our students find that when they are learning and playing alongside English speaking childen they make quick progress with their English, without even realising it!

Many of the children who attend Shipmates are students at Sidcot School so for Academic Junior students who are considering Sidcot School, this is a chance to meet some of the children you might be at school with. 
Academic Juniors - integration with UK students
"We have some lessons and activities with the English children. I think it is really good we mix up as we need to speak only English with them. Today we went to the Science Museum and did some experiments there and it was fun. I also went to the Clip and Climb trip to Exeter. First it was scary but I got used to it and I climbed two of them up to the top." Rei, 11, Japan