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In the EFL (English as a foreign language) world the modern term is CLIL: Content and Language Integrated Learning. This is about students learning content that interests them and results in an unconscious improvement to their English. Younger students acquire language very quickly and at Academic Juniors we want to make learning fun and appropriate to the student's age. This gives them a purpose for learning and engages them more fully than sitting in a classroom learning grammar.

CLIL has been described as 'a major methodological revolution' in language teaching and at Academic Juniors we have responded to the changes and challenges.

For Academic Juniors we offer a fully integrated summer course of English language learning and curriculum academic subject study appropriate for the primary age group. Academic Juniors offers a wide range of curriculum subjects studied through the medium of English and teaches English Language according to the can do principles of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Content and Language Integrated Learning is based on the 4cs:

  • Content - the curriculum subject itself
  • Culture - raising aware of our culture and the culture of others
  • Cognition - thinking and learning skills
  • Communication - sharing our knowledge with others

At Academic Juniors, you will explore the 4Cs with the guidance of qualified primary school teachers and experienced teachers of English.

The Academic Juniors programme is designed to help students widen their subject knowledge and develop their language skills and to be better able in future to follow a course of academic study delivered in English.