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Juniors in London (age 5-12)

We are also offering Academic Junior classes in central London. Your child can join our day only learning programme while you work, join our Academic Adults course or just enjoy some free time in London.

The learning will take place in three learning blocks starting at 8:45 and finishing lunch time. Afternoons will be dedicated to a colourful and active leisure programme. 


Academic Juniors offers a full curriculum of subjects in classes of up to twelve students.

The medium of instruction is English. The timetable includes typically the following subjects:

  • English,
  • Academic Junior English course in LondonMathematics,
  • Science,
  • History,
  • Geography,
  • Religious Education,
  • Technology,
  • Art,
  • Music,
  • Dance and Drama

Many lessons are cross-curricular, where your child will study a topic or participate in a project that may include, for example, Science, Mathematics and Geography. Your child will be taught by experienced primary school teachers who know how young learners learn best.


Find below a detailed day to day leisure programme schedule. Students will be supervised by our pastoral staff.