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Academic Summer (age 12-17)

Welcome one and all! This exciting programme is for British and international students aged 12 to 17 years old. We will help you achieve your academic dreams in a supportive and friendly environment.
Choose your favourite location from: London, Cambridge or Bristol.
Academic Summer London Academic Summer Cambridge Academic Summer Bristol

We can help you with:
  1. Preparation for GCSEs, A-Levels or the IB diploma
  2. Revision support in particular subjects
  3. Improving your English for continued education in the UK or at home.
  4. Providing a flavour of a typical boarding school experience
  5. Oxbridge and medical studies training
  6. Meeting people from many different countries and cultures
  7. Improving English grammar and essay-writing skills
  8. Providing a summer syllabus that will help you thrive academically, while having fun along the way
Guided by our panel of passionate and dedicated staff, we’ll help take your education to the next level – whether that’s studying in a UK school, achieving top grades at GCSE or getting into Oxbridge.

Do you struggle with particular subjects? Perhaps you find maths frustrating or physics boring. Our small and dynamic classes led by expert tutors will help you see these topics and many other with a fresh, invigorated perspective.

Our unique CLIL approach means international students will hone their English language skills via a host of different and stimulating topics, from design technology to music.

It also allows our UK students to re-visit their grasp of grammar and focus on the literary skills needed to write a top-class essay at university level.

We provide a fun and challenging summer boarding school experience, with a host of fun leisure activities and the opportunity to make friends from all over the world. In the global market we live in, this opportunity is invaluable.

Academic Summer ages 12-17: class details
Many people get lost in the enormous class sizes of modern schools. If you choose to study with us at Academic Summer, you’ll never be in a class larger than 15 students. That means each pupil gets the attention they need to thrive.

The academic programme covers 30 hours a week. It includes four 75-minute study blocks daily, alongside Leadership pod time and a compelling range of assemblies and educational trips.

Our experienced, top-grade teachers look forward to sharing their enthusiasm and love of their subjects with you. They’ll cater sessions to your individual requirements.

They’ll also ensure lessons strike a careful balance between theory and practice, to keep students fully engaged.

If you love science, you’ll find yourself doing plenty of experiments in state-of-the-art laboratories. If you choose to study design technology, you’ll do so in a series of creative hands-on workshops covering woodwork, textiles, graphic design and beyond.

We want our students to think like mathematicians, linguists, economists, historians and scientists and develop a passion for their subjects.

We also encourage those on our courses to work independently outside classes. This way, you get to develop the focus and autonomy needed to take you through school, university and beyond into your professional life.

By enrolling on the Academic Summer programme for 12-17 year olds, you’ll gain:

  • - A head start on your GCSEs, A-Levels or IB Diploma
  • - Training in specialist areas (e.g. medical studies, Oxbridge revision)
  • - Enhanced knowledge and understanding of specific subjects
  • - Improved English grammar and writing skills
  • - Competence in the use of English as an international language
  • - More confidence in your ability to achieve your academic goals
  • - Better social communication and more friends
  • - Increased cultural awareness
  • - Certificates and teacher reports to add to your academic portfolio
  • - The motivation to achieve your Personal Best