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Academic Summer @home

Academic Summer @homeLogin to Academic Summer from the comfort of your own home this summer.
The best of both worlds - we are giving you the opportunity to enjoy your summer at home with your family and friends and also join us online for an exciting Academic Summer experience.
Aim for your Personal Best and let us develop you so you are ready for your future studies. Enhance your subject knowledge, language skills and prepare for getting back to school in September.
You will finish your summer with a virtual folder of work, certificates and a full report to add to your academic portfolio. Your parents can join our end of camp meeting to celebrate yourtime with us.

Download our brochure here.

Our methodology

Our online camp uses CLIL – Content and Language Integrated Learning. CLIL is about the 4 C's.
This summer with Academic Summer @ Home you will…
  • - enhance your content knowledge and revise key curriculum areas in your subjects. You will have online tuition everyday with our experienced tutors who can inspire you with their expertise in their subject areas
  • - understand culture enabling you to develop a reflective knowledge base.  You will study in small online groups experiencing the global world together in your subject areas
  • - develop your cognition skills. This is your thinking and learning skills. You will be given projects and tasks to work on at home, and your tutor will help to make your individual learning more effective
  • - work on your communication skills in the English language. You will learn to give a good presentation and write an extended essay as well as enjoying discussions online.

Adventurers - age 7-12

A welcoming environment full of learning and fun awaits our adventurers online. Our young adventurers will study English, mathematics, sciences, social studies and arts around a weekly theme.

Explorers - age 12-14

Explore GCSE with us online. Our explorers will study English, mathematics, sciences, social studies and arts as well as developing their study skills to become better learners.

Engagers - age 15-18

Engage with A Level / IB / AP and choose your subjects. We will write an individual timetable for you based on your choices. You can study three subjects every week from the following online options:

We are also offering the following specialist camps online this summer:


Get Ready for Medicine online (CPD accredited) 
27th July to 14th August 2020

Get Ready for Computer Science online (CPD accredited)
6th to 24th July 2020

Get Ready for Engineering online (CPD accredited) 
13th July to 31th July 2020

Get Ready for IELTS online
29th June to 3rd July /
3rd to 7th August 2020

Get Ready for TOEFL online 
6th July to 10th July /
10th to 14th August 2020

Fees for the specialist courses are the same as for the standard courses.