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FCE, CAE Prep & Exam

Cambridge English First (FCE) is the classic English Language examination.  Since 1939, learners and teachers of English have recognised FCE as a landmark in language learning.  So have educational establishments and employers in countries all over the world.
Cambridge Advanced (CAE) is becoming more and more popular with students and young professionals.  CAE is now accepted as an English Language qualification by 100% of universities in the UK and if you pass, you have a qualification for life - there is no time limit on a CAE certificate!
In summer 2017, we are offering FCE and CAE courses at at Abbey College Cambridge.  You can join us to prepare for either exam - or for both, if you wish.  Please see dates and fees below.
Exam structure: There are 4 papers:
  • Reading and use of English 40%,
  • Writing 20%,
  • Listening 20%,
  • Speaking 20%
Your course is designed by experts and you will receive individual tutorial advice to guide your studies in preparation for the exam(s) and in your future learning of English at an advanced level.
FCE Course dates: 15th to 29th July 2017 at Abbey College Cambridge.
(FCE exam on 27th July)

CAE Course dates: 8th to 22nd July 2017 at Abbey College Cambridge.
(CAE exam on 20th July)

Hours: 25 hours a week

Class size: maximum 15 students
Course fee:  £3000 per two week programme