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Engage with IB / A-Level classes (age 15 -17 )

If you are age 15 –  17 you will follow our Engage with  IB / A Level programme. This is good if you want to prepare for the IB Diploma or A-Levels or you are in year 13 and you want to revise a particular subject for your final examinations. If you are an international student you should have at least a B2 level of English on the Common European Framework.

You have a choice of the following subjects and you will have four study blocks a week. You need to choose your subjects prior to the course.  We will write the timetable around your choices and you will have an individual timetable which is written to meet your individual needs.

We offer the following subject options:

Design & Technology (only available in Bristol)
Drama & Music  (not available in Cambridge)
Economics, business & entrepreneurship 
Environmental Systems & Societies  (not available in Cambridge)
Essay Writing 
History & Politics (not available in Cambridge)
Literature (not available in Cambridge)
Media Studies (not available in Cambridge)
Presentations & Interviews 
Psychology (not available in Cambridge)
Social Students (only available in Cambridge)
Theory of Knowledge (ToK) )      

Do you like Art and Music or Economics and Maths or Physics and Chemistry? 
It is YOUR choice, it is YOUR summer!


Subjects offered depend on students' choices, so not every subject is available every week. We make every effort to give students their first choices.  

If you would like us to send you a curriculum showing more details of each subject then please email: info@academicsummer.co.uk.

IB / A level subject choices


In your lessons you will:

  • improve your study skills
  • experience the practical nature of the subject
  • explore a range of different media and materials
  • enjoy using modern technology
  • explore a variety of cultures
  • explore subjects in the context of their locality
  • work together to help one another understand challenging concepts and functions.

Workshops and lectures

As well as a more traditional classroom you will be introduced to different ways of learning. You will take an active part in challenging and stimulating workshops and lectures on topics relevant to your success now and in your future. These include careers planning, Internet safety, first aid, financial literacy as well as subject-focused lectures that are run by experts and acclaimed celebrities in their fields.

Find more about the workshops and lectures here