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Learning support

As part of our academic programme we like to support students in their learning and help them prepare for the next step in their academic careers. All teachers are committed to helping students reach their full potential and their Personal Best.


We can also arrange the following:

  • Assessment of academic potential
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN) support
Assessment of academic potential

We can arrange for a one to one assement of academic potential for students attending Academic Juniors and Academic Summer. These assessments are done by Mary Mountstephen, a professional assessor who specialises in working with students who are learning English as a second language. Areas covered in the assessment include intelligence testing, tests of visual and auditory processing, handwriting and other skills. A detailed report and recommendations are included in the fee.

Mary Mountstephen - Assessment of academic potentialWe can arrange for Mary to come to meet your student while they are with us in the summer to do this assessment. The results can be discussed with you by Skype and then the detailed report will be sent to you. Please contact us for more information or to arrange an assessment this summer.

Mary Mountstephen (KidsCanSuceed) is a former Headteacher and has worked at senior level in a major U.K. intermational independent school. She is also a child development specialist with advanced assessment qualifications. She has worked in many countries, and has an excellent reputation for her reports and advice. She is an excellent communicator.

Case Study: (Assessment of Academic Potential)

Olga's parents wanted to take advantage of her time in England to get an assessment of her abilities. Olga was making excellent progress with all aspects of her learning and parents wanted to know how they could help her to achieve even better in a highly competitive school. The report identified areas of real strength and some areas where Olga could be helped to improve her levels of academic performance.


SEN (Special Educational Needs) Support


We also help students with SEN needs to access our full academic programme. On our teaching team Academic Summer has specialist SEN teachers, experienced with learning difficulties such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. SEN teachers offer different teaching techniques and study skills that will support students with their educational needs within their lessons.


At Academic Summer our SEN teacher supports students in their normal classes giving extra help if needed. We encourage students to participate in all activities so they feel included and not isolated and alone. The SEN teacher gives one to one tuition to students who require extra help and support so individual needs are met. Students will also have one to one tutorials with their SEN teacher each week where more personal things can be addressed.


Our SEN teacher supports our teachers with ideas of how to use different techniques in class and encourages teachers to use multi sensory approaches so with visual, auditory and kinesthetic tasks there is something for everyone. This is really helpful to students from a range of different nationalities and educational backgrounds. A different educational system and approach can really help students to understand something in a different way and make progress. Lessons are very interactive and practical so students learn to enjoy studying and are challenged academically.

Case Study (SEN)

Titus came to Academic Summer from Germany to improve his standards of English. His parents were also concerned about how well he was doing in school and they were very impressed to find that Titus could also get extra learning assessments and support as part of his summer programme. Academic Summer specialist staff were able to pinpoint his difficulties and to put him onto a programme to support him. His parents also agreed that Titus would benefit from an Assessment of Academic Potential. This was helpful in showing Titus what he was good at and what he could improve.