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At the heart of the Academic Summer experience is CLIL: Content Language and Integrated Learning.

Using this approach, we teach a wide range of curriculum subjects in English.

By engaging in topics that interest you, you will unconsciously improve your language and grammar skills along the way. It is a far more engaging way of learning than via traditional EFL (English as a Foreign Language) text books.

We at Academic Summer have embraced the holistic benefits of CLIL, described by experts as “a major methodological revolution” in language teaching.

The CLIL method is based on the 4Cs:

  • - Content - the curriculum subject itself
  • - Culture - raising awareness of our culture and the culture of others
  • - Cognition - thinking and learning skills
  • - Communication - sharing our knowledge with others
Our experienced teachers will help you explore these 4Cs across a wide range of subjects. We will also work to develop your language competence in two broad directions:
  • - Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency: you will develop this in our academic programme
  • - Cognitive Interpersonal Communication Skills: you will develop this via our social programme and residential experience

Both international and UK students will develop a host of skills under our CLIL approach, which enhances key language learnings in a stimulating and accessible way.

International students will be able to hone all aspects of their English skills, via dynamic subjects that hold a personal interest for them individually.

UK students will have the opportunity to re-visit their understanding of grammar and writing; both crucial to performance at A-Level and beyond.