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12 year olds

Which course is best for your 12 year old?

Academic Juniors for 7-12 year olds or Academic Summer for 12-17 year olds.

Points to consider:
  • Supervision

Are you happy for your child to have a bit of independence and to be able to explore a range of locations and attractions without a member of staff?
Academic Junior students are supervised at all times, including breaktimes, lunchtimes, on and off site.
Academic Summer students have less supervision, most notably on off-site trips where the students are allowed to explore without a member of staff.
  • Academic Confidence

Academic Junior students receive instruction in the primary subjects, including mathematics, English, science, history, geography, ICT, art, design technology and the creative arts. If they are still at primary school then Academic Juniors could be the best course for them.
Academic Summer students of 12-14-years old have a set timetable which includes a range of subjects and introduces GCSE options including philosophy, social studies and literature. If your child is currently at secondary school rather than primary school, they will probably find the iGCSE course the best fit academically. If you have a child who is confident academically and is looking for a programme of study which will challenge them then Academic Summer could be best for them.
  • English Level

We assess students using our own placement test. English Level is an important factor to consider when placing your child. Do they need support or to be challenged?
Academic Juniors: Our recommended level is A2. f your child has a lower level of English, they will probably find the junior course a more supportive environment in which they can improve their English level alongside their academic abilities.
Academic Summer: Our recommended level is B1. If your child is already a competent speaker of English they might be ready for the extra challenge that the GCSE programme will present.


It is important to consider whether your child is a “young” or mature 12-year-old as we want them to find friends at the same stage as them so that they enjoy their time at Academic Summer. Is your child more comfortable around older or younger children. Academic Summer and Academic Junior students are housed separately.
Academic Junior students go to bed at 8pm
Academic Summer students go at 10pm.

Previous Experience

If this is their first experience of having such freedom or they are not a confident child you might prefer for them to be on the junior programme. If they have been to the UK before and have previous camp experience they may be ready for Academic Summer.

We are happy to advise you on placement of your 12-year-old, please contact us on info@academicsummer.co.uk or call us on +44 20 3959 9370