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How to make a payment to Academic Summer

A £500 initial payment is due on booking a place on an Academic Summer course. The remaining balance which will be shown on your invoice is due at least five weeks before the course starts. If you prefer, you can make the full payment when you book.

When your place is confirmed you will be able to make payments by the following ways:

  • TransferMate in your local bank
  • A bank transfer direct to our bank account
  • Credit Card 


There is an option of international payment through the TransferMate Service. The TransferMate System is a free service – no bank charges will be added to your transfers – offering significantly beneficial exchange rates. By using this system you are able to pay in your home currency at your choice of local bank, so there is no need to buy Sterling from your bank prior to transferring. All payments can be tracked by you, the student, 24 hours a day online. Therefore you will not need to contact the school to confirm whether or not we have received payment.

Using the TransferMate method is quick and simple. You can start your payment by clicking on the TransferMate button at the bottom and following the online instructions.

Step by step process of how student makes a payment to School with TransferMate:

  1. Complete the TransferMate registration page via the TransferMate link. You should scan and email copies of your passport and letter of confirmation from Academic Summer to confirm@edustep.com
  2. You complete your invoice number and the amount you wish to pay
  3. You will then receive an up to date exchange rate
  4. If satisfied then confirm you wish to pay and you will then receive on screen payment instructions
  5. Following the payment instructions make a local transfer from your local account to the local TransferMate account in your country & currency.
  6. Payment is then released from TransferMate UK account to Academic Summer's UK Account the same day (providing payment made before 2pm GMT), payments made after 2pm will be received the following day
  7. Payment Tracking & Receipts available online through your TransferMate Account 24/7.

Bank Transfers

You can also make a bank transfer to us. You can find our bank details on our invoice or when you are logged in to our website.


Credit Cards

We also accept credit card payments. Payments can be made online through our website. You should be signed in to your account and then you can ‘Checkout’ and make the payment.

When you make a payment please make sure your quote the student’s name and/or invoice number as a reference so we can trace your payment.